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Life is what you make it

No.14 Heart- Fire Gazing

No.14 Heart- Fire Gazing

Here are two forms of meditation I would like to share with you that allows us to sink deeper into our own being and connect with our true selves with where we are at in the present moment. Firstly I share a really easy practise that allows you to drop into your heart space and its benefits. Then gently awaken your senses and allow yourself to come back into your world. Take a moment to notice any shifts. For me when I drop into my heart space, I feel in control, I feel calm and I feel centred. Any worries or stresses that may have been lingering, disappear. I am able to make clear and rational decisions. I become completely present and feel connected to the heart of our being which is LOVE. Love is everything. Living in a state of love means I have empathy, compassion, joy, peace. As soon as I enter a negative thought or feeling I have moved out of this state. Think about that … how often then are we living in this space of unconditional love. So for me, it brings me back on centre to where I want to be and where I choose to experience from. Speaking of the heart …. I have recently learnt some very interesting scientific facts about just how incredibly magical our little tickers are! So here is some fun facts… most of us have been taught that the heart receives ‘orders’ from the brain in the form of neural signals where in actual fact our heart sends off more signals to the brain which are the influences of our emotional processing. The other astounding thing is that our hearts signals are received by everyone in our presence. SO this is really important for us all to realise because we can actually have control / responsibility over what signals we give off to those around us. Lastly I close off the session with a Fire Gazing meditation. Our ancestors long ago would do this every night in preparation for sleep. But with this meditation I am also awakening the Fire Chakra: Manipura. Our third chakra located at our solar plexus. This here is the seat of your power and where transformation begins. It connects us to our higher self / higher intelligence. So with all of the information and knowledge that you have learnt to this point you have the opportunity to, with ease and grace, step into your true power for you are powerful beyond measure. NAMASTE
No.11 - Relationship Dynamics

No.11 - Relationship Dynamics

This session is about Relationship Dynamics. So the male and female relationship out there and the masculine and feminine relationship within ourselves. And hopefully I can explain how the two go together. * I’m sharing this also from a female to a female in a primary relationship with a male – but you will see how the energies are actually all the same no matter what the relationship is. So focusing on your primary relationship and that may be with your spouse or friend, parent, child… We all have masculine and feminine energy within us. The right side of the body is referred to the masculine which is all about doing and conquering and the left side is the feminine which is about being and receiving. When the two energies are in balance then the whole is in harmony. As you can imagine when a female and the male in a relationship are completely on centre and 'being' from a loving heart space then you could imagine how much that would be a beautiful experience. However, due to our culture, our work, our fears, our desires, our conditioning and our beliefs, it’s very likely that you will show up each day more so in one energy more than the other. For me personally, I know when I’m too heavy in my masculine and when I need to re-balance and re-harmonise my being in order to flow more freely. And a lot of my work is quite masculine so I consciously choose to shift back into a more feminine state when it’s family time. If I was to always stay in my masculine then you could appreciate that there would be some confusion / disruption and upset within the relationship … I can also appreciate that at times we feel we need to be in our masculine to also do and conquer. So do you know how you re- balance the scales… it’s not telling him to man up. Oh no, that probably won’t go down too well. YOU need to take responsibility for your role in the relationship, for your stuff, and not to mesh his and your stuff together. Remember we can’t change anyone else so we need to find your feminine, find our essence and gracefully step back into it without expecting anything in return or judging the other. Because when you are in your feminine, your man will naturally, instinctively, primally step up into his masculine. And it’s sexy right, seeing a man own himself. Well it’s equally as sexy when a woman owns her feminine too. So no matter what role you play during the day with your work, business, mothering – when and if you really want to connect with your partner and solve the problems of the world with them, then you need to be present in your true essence. Become aware of your energy, become aware of your role within your space, and walk your path as you. Because when we can own our stuff in the primary relationship dynamic – you will see a shift within not only you, but them and therefor the entire relationship. So a little practise you can do in order to re-balance and re-harmonise the energies of the body, the masculine and feminine, is to practise a breathe called Nadi Shodhana for just a couple of minutes. It is actively breathing through alternate nostrils and has a load of healing benefits including: • Re-balancing and harmonising the energies • Bringing you back to your centre • Brings focus and clarity to the mind • Promotes better sleep patterns • Reduces anxiety and stress • Rejunvenates • Removes toxins and more and more Enjoy x
No.10 - Awareness, Presence & Grace

No.10 - Awareness, Presence & Grace

Meditation for Awareness, Presence & Grace Hello everyone, I appreciate you joining me and I look forward to guiding you through todays meditation on Awareness, Presence and Grace. Let’s begin by getting comfortable, finding your space, closing down your thoughts to the outside world for the next 30 minutes and become aware of your own body, breath and rhythm. I have been sharing much of my own personal growth journey with you these past weeks and the tools I have learnt and drawn upon in order to continue to grow. Because I choose to be the best version of myself. I want to be the best version of myself. And every day I have to work on this because, as I have said before, I am like you are human and we are incredibly clever beings. I can very easily slip back into old patterns caused by negative belief patterns caused by negative thought patterns which then cause negative behaviours. So this is a big journey and I am just slowly peeling away and releasing areas of my life that do not serve me. In order to do this…. What I realised was that I can’t do the work unless I get comfortable in the uncomfortable. I can’t be grateful, I can’t heal old wounds, I can’t change thought patterns, I can’t love unconditionally, and I can’t know what my truth is until I have been courageously open to being completely present and aware of me. Just being with me. Moving into a state of Grace where I am in harmony and balance with myself and my surroundings in order to clearly state my intentions, dreams, desires. Now I understand and appreciate that this is not easy for everyone and some days it’s not easy for me either. But they are the days that I need it most – so I go there. I ask to go there for the greater purpose. Because what I find and learn along the way is the very thing that will set me free. That will allow that next layer to release and peel away. Meditations are one of the most successful ways of grounding you – both physically and mentally. Though you might look peaceful and ‘in the zone’ your mind could still be going a million miles an hour…. In which case your said purpose for moving into a meditation like setting intentions, your request for support and guidance, to find focus and clarity is lost. And so getting comfortable with being in your own space, being in your own body, being with your own thoughts and really dropping down into your heart space is the first step to being in a state of Grace where you have the power and ability to create ….. We are going to move into the meditation now, in which I will guide you through it however there will be times where there is just space between us – this is allowing you to move into your own journey. So I encourage you to stay present, get comfortable in the uncomfortable, because that is where the magic happens! Being in a state of grace where your energetic field is in harmony with the energies that surround you allows your dreams and desires to manifest. Be open to the messages of inspiration, guidance and support come to you. Allow yourself to BE.
No.9 - Identity

No.9 - Identity

Hello everyone, thanks for joining me for this meditation. The journey that we have been on this far is all about SELF AWARENESS. For me the journey of self awareness is to go through the self to the self – penetrating through every layer until we reach the very core of our being. Why? Because along the way – since we were a blank canvas at birth we have painted over the top of our pure white light with stories, beliefs, wounds, conditioning etc etc So in order to clear the past and move forward into the future from right here in this present moment from a place of Love, we have to REFLECT. Take a moment to consider this……: THE WHOLE WORLD IS JUST A REFLECTION OF YOU… Imagine a mirror in front of you all day every day, when you smile the world smiles back. You frown and the world frowns back. You stand before the mirror as a woman on purpose, her cup filled to the brim, overflowing and completely accepting of all that is front of her, gazing into her own eyes with absolute love and adoration…. Guess what…. The world is filled with love, acceptance, compassion, joy. We’ve talked about our vibration, our energy, the words we speak, our thought patterns… when it’s positive you receive joy, laughter, love, happiness. IT’S THE REFLECTION. If it’s negative and low then the world is dull and difficult. IT’S THE REFLECTION. However, we are all human and vulnerable. Even when we are feeling on top of the world and having the best day it’s possible that someone or something will trigger a negative emotion inside of you. Whether it be your partner, family member or work colleague – something they said or did just crumbles you, you lose your power, you become angry or you immediately shut down. These are behaviours that you have adopted in order to protect yourself. This could almost be labelled resilience. Take a moment to think if this has happened to you recently – has someone triggered you – altering your true form? Altering your path? Altering your belief? This meditation / chant is to reclaim your energy, essence and power: CHANT FOR POWER Your name is your mantra… when you honour your name you honour your full energy as it is expressed in your body. You connect, accept, love, adore, identify by this and therefore those around you. How do you want your name to be connected to you…. Chanting your name is also a very effective method in reclaiming your own energy. Start by saying … “I am and only am (name). There is no one within or connected to me that is not (say your name).” Say it with intent and meaning. Feel it deep within your heart. This will clear and align your own energy. It’s a very good tool for grounding and reaching your centre. It allows you to feel and think with more clarity and removes any energetic clutter that you picked up during your daily activity. Reclaiming your personal power through the use and acceptance of your name can remove threads of attachment that hold you back and distort the perception your have around your life and its direction and meaning. Enjoy the beautiful journey of self discovery. I AM JADE ELIZABETH LORD
No.8 - Forgiving One Self

No.8 - Forgiving One Self

Learning to forgive ourselves. We can be our own worst critic can’t we... but let’s be honest, we all make mistakes! What is so so important, is to free ourselves from the guilt or shame or negative story we have manifested in our mind and body that we hold on to, that serves us no greater purpose. And learn to be kind and compassionate with ourselves 💝 Example: Taking a nap during the day instead of finishing the washing or the books or preparing dinner. (My) Answer: Good for you!! You are listening to what your body needs. You are filling your cup back up. You are refuelling and reenergising and restoring so that your wellbeing is looked after and therefore you will be able to give more to your children, partner, work etc. If you have attached shame or guilt or just have an uncomfortable feeling in your gut about something then now is the time to release it. By doing so you are stepping in to your power, choosing to move forward and not let it define you 👸 💥HOW TO DO THIS: 🌟Write down on a piece of paper what you would like to forgive yourself for or let go of. This may have a negative tone- that’s ok. 🌟Turn the piece of paper over and write a positive and compassionate alternative or the opposite to the scenario Eg. I am sorry for not spending quality time with my children / / I am going to be present with my children no matter how short a time we have together. 💥If you really need to release a negative story, thoughts, feelings, tension in the body.... 🌟Write down all the things that are burdening and weighing you down. 🌟Tear up the piece of paper or simply burn away to nothing. 🌬RELEASE IT - LET IT GO 🌬 A mantra you can use to help release: Repeat at least 3x times and for as long as you need to until it feels right: “I release the past so I can step into the future with clear intention. I grow stronger and better as I forgive myself and move on” TASK #2 Look at yourself in the mirror - right into your own eyes and say to yourself either internally or out loud.... I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU A huge week of learning, understanding and loving yourself, I am here if anyone would like to dive deeper into this on a more personal one on one space ❤️ Jade 🧚🏻‍♀‍

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