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  • What is Yoga?
    Yoga is a practise of consciously moving the body while connecting your breath with each movement.
  • Why should I practise Yoga?
    A yoga practise has endless health benefits and will improve your wellbeing on a mental, physical or emotional level depending on what it is your body is needing at that particular time.
  • I'm not flexible, does this matter?"
    Not at all. You just have to move into each Yoga Pose as far and as safely as you feel comfortable, stay connected to your breath and body, and be rewarded with the benefits!
  • When is the best time practise?
    Any time you are feeling physically out of alignment, mentally unclear, emotionally unstable or just want some 'ME' time. Head over to the Yoga Rites Outback 'Get a Glimpse' tab to get a free fix it for your particular need.
  • How do I get access to all your Videos?
    Head to the Yoga Rites Outback 'Home Page' and select Get Started or Membership from the drop down box to choose which subscription suits you. Then roll out your mat and enjoy endless classes and yoga education.
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