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Empowering Rural Communities

with yoga, conscious breathing & mindful meditation.


Yoga Rites Outback is a safe and supportive platform for you to discover what yoga means to you. Imagine having the tools and confidence to create your own unique yoga practice from the comfort of your own homestead.


Instead of driving for hours to your nearest yoga studio (or trying to figure out poses and pranayama on your own), what if you could access guided online yoga classes, mindful meditations and conscious breathing tutorials from your laptop, desktop or mobile device?


That’s my mission!


To empower rural communities with the philosophy and practice of yoga — holding sacred space for you to improve your health and wellbeing, and intuitively become aware of what your mind, body and spirit are asking of you.


Through supportive, personal interactions and an open and honest relationship, my goal is to guide and support you on your journey to self-discovery, so you can create the healthy and happy lifestyle you absolutely deserve!


Hi, I’m Jade Lord.


I'm a woman, a wife, a mother, business(s) owner and passionate about bringing health & wellbeing

to rural and remote communities through the real and ancient practises of yoga, breath work,

meditation and one on one mentorship.


Designed especially for those with limited or no local access to yoga classes, Yoga Rites Outback is an online yoga and meditation platform with all the support, personal interaction, and accountability of a studio class — available anytime, anywhere.



Picture this...


●        Rolling out your yoga mat under a starlit sky and listening to the sound of cicadas. For an hour or two, you feel a world away from your giant to-do list, financial worries, and near-constant stress. It’s just you, the moon and your breath.

●        Pressing the pause button on your crazy, high-pressure station schedule to relax your tight muscles, increase your flexibility and ease joint pain. What if you could learn yoga poses to soothe your tired knees or bring more mobility to your hips?

●        Connecting with other rural mothers, moving your body while pregnant (or after birth), and bonding
with your baby from the comfort of your own homestead. No long drives to the closest town or lonely isolation.

●        Learning how to be more focused and mindful so you can handle the stresses of the outback  (hello calving season and unexpected broken anything) with less frustration, sleepless nights and family conflict.

✓ Recharge and re-energise

✓ Become familiar with your breath

✓ Create space and time for yourself

✓ Build strength and flexibility

✓ Find a sense of inner calm

✓ Become grounded and centered 

Are you ready to create the healthy and happy lifestyle you deserve?

My Story


Uncertain, uncomfortable, lost and confused soon turned into curiosity, a sense of achievement, strong healthy nails and hair, clean muscle tone and self-pride when I started my yoga journey over 10 years ago.


I created a busy and stressful life for myself that was damaging both my physical and mental health. Choosing to work longer hours and pushing my body to its limits through high adrenaline sports was what I thought was best for me.  I had a life that was exciting and challenging… why would I stop the constant chaos to sit, breathe and move consciously?

Well, yoga sure showed me! Finding a love and passion for Bikram yoga soon led me to Yoga Retreats in Byron Bay and Bali, learning different styles and traditions from Ashtanga to Vinyasa, how to breathe more deeply, be more still, chant with the monks and celebrate life — my life and ME.

In 2012, I moved from Brisbane to a large cattle station 120km out of Richmond in QLD. It’s a love story that will be told around the smoko table to our children and children’s children. My husband, Nikko Lord, was also known as Farmer Nikko ‘the cattle baron’, for a number of years after our 5 minutes of fame on the hit TV show, Farmer Wants a Wife. I quickly packed my bags and became a Jillaroo alongside him.

Within the first 12 months of this new form of chaos, I broke down. My yoga practice was pushed to the side by drought, cattle work and unrelenting maintenance taking priority. I needed to find me again, I needed space to nourish me and I needed support. And the only person who could make that happen was ME.


I also discovered that I wasn’t the only one suffering — anxiety and depression were all throughout my community. It was then that I decided to complete my 250-hour yoga teacher training and start teaching yoga in our small town when I was 5 months pregnant with our first child. After heartfelt, positive feedback from my students, I went on to complete further training in pre and post natal training as well as children’s yoga. Yoga Rites Outback went online in 2019 to make the practice of yoga more accessible to everyone. Since then, my love for connection, growth and change has guided me in the direction of Life Coaching. I am passionate about generational change and that it is our responsibility to heal past wounds and create a future filled with joy.


Through Heart, With Love,
Jade Lord

Discover what yoga means to you.

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