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Live consciously both on and off the mat...

 Connect your breath to movement...

To honour, to heal to come home...

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free yoga

My gift to you... on this page I share with you a piece of my world, who I am and what I love to do.

From my Live classes filmed with the Mums & Bubs in my local community to getting you warmed up

and energised for the day, improving your digestive system, releasing niggling back aches and more.

You now have the tools to care for your body and mind anytime, anywhere.

You just have to listen within. 

Video Yoga Classes
from the comfort of your own homestead.


With video classes ranging from 5-minute pose tutorials to 45-minute live group classes, my mission is to offer energetic, fun-lovin’, supportive classes that you can enjoy wherever you are and whenever you need your yoga fix.




Practice Yoga in the

Enjoy yoga videos, step-by-step posture tutorials and guided meditations on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or any device with an internet connection.




A Library of Content at Your


Missed a live class? For a small subscription fee, you can access the entire Yoga Rites Outback video library, including new videos uploaded regularly to inspire progress on your yoga journey.




Suitable for All Fitness 

& Yoga Levels

Learn the foundations of yoga in a safe, relaxing and judgment-free space. Yoga Rites Outback is perfect for beginners who have never experienced yoga before and yogis who have been practising for many years.




Experience Different

Types of Yoga

Strengthen and re-energise or find clarity and calm with different class styles. Whether its Hatha, Vinyasa or Yin yoga, I pick up on the energy of how everyone is feeling in my live classes and intuitively tailor my sequences to your collective vibe.


Ready to get started?

Sow the seeds for your future health.

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